Australia is located on the mainland of the Australian continent. It is the largest island in the world. Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world by area measurements. It is very advanced in a lot of terms such as education, lifestyle, economy, entertainment, etc. 28% of the Australian population are inhabitants of other nations.

Why Study in Australia?

Australia Education System
Education system in Australia is known for its supreme education as it includes thorough learning of the courses and also includes extracurricular activities which helps all the students to actively participate in study and other things. It offers a wide range of courses which helps students to choose programs according to their qualifications along with economical tuition fees. Australian government also gives a lot of opportunities to international students after their studies in Australia.
Employment opportunities
Australia is one of those countries which provides high salary post study work permit.It has a lot of employment opportunities. Australia provides the highest wages to the international students as compared to another countries. Australia education system is one of the renowned education system on the globe.
Lifestyle in Australia
Australia is very unique and diverse. It has no religion and people are very much free to follow the religion of their choice. They have adopted multiculturalism. A lot of people from different communities live in Australia. Australia is blessed with natural beauty it has landscapes, hill and even beaches. Melbourne is ranked most liveable city since past three years.
Cost of study in Australia
All the major intakes in Australia are in February and October. Tuition fee ranges from 14000 AUD to 24000 AUD per year i.e. about 8 lakhs to 13 lakhs. Living cost is somewhere around AUD 17000 per year.
Why study in Australia for Indian students?
Indian students admire the Australian culture and universities very much. They provide facilities to foreign students including Indian students. Students from across India prefer to pursue their higher studies in Australia for a great number of benefits it has to offer. Indian students are treated pleasingly in Australia, both on campus or off campus.