Canada is the largest country in the western hemisphere and home to more than 36 million as per 2016 data. It is known to be one of the safest countries in the world with very advanced technology and facilities available in colleges. International students have a very good review of Canada in terms of education, living, and its culture. Canada is and always will be a very favorable country for international students as it has a lot of job opportunities as well while studying which offers international exposure.

Why Study in Canada?

Canadian Education System
Canadian education system is a very renowned education system in the world for its supreme education with highly experienced faculties from all over the world. Faculties are very friendly and help the students to get settled in the college and universities easily. The education in canada is very career oriented as it offers a lot of practical knowledge while studying. Canada’s education system is ranked around 6th in the world for best education system. And it offers a wide range of courses which helps students get their favourable course according to their qualification.
Employment opportunities
Canadian government is introducing new features almost after a certain point of time to welcome more international students to their country. One of the features is related to the work opportunity in canada. They offer a wide range of employment opportunity to international students . So the students can even work after their studies has been completed which will help them to gain international exposure. Many countries recently has faced unemployment but canada is the one who’s never suffered from this.
Life in Canada
If we compare European and American countries canada is very less expensive than them. International students gets several medical benefits when they are enrolled to services being offered from the college. One of the reasons to study in canada is its multiculturalism . It says that canada welcomes students from all over the world and it is a home to citizens of many countries. Canada is also rated as 2nd most beautiful country in the world.
Cost of study in Canada
On an average, the fee for education in Canada ranges from approximately CAD $ 11,000 to CAD $ 16,000 per year which is around 620000 INR to 776088 INR per year. However the cost of study varies as per the course program and duration, university and the province selected to study in Canada The general living cost in Canada is expected to be of approximately CAD $11, 100 per year i.e. around 522000 INR per year. Other expenses in Canada are relatively inexpensive than many developed nations of the world.
Why study in Canada for Indian students?
Canada has introduced educational and employment policies that offer a number of benefits to Indian students. The educational qualification received from Canada is highly valued worldwide.This will basically help the international students to work in different work environment. Students can also plan to establish their own business after studying from these highly reputed colleges and universities. Permanent residencies also increases to a great extent after studying in Canada.
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