Czech republic

Czech republic is a part of European union and situated at the centre of europe. It includes the historical territory of Bohemia, Moravia and Czech Silesia. It is bordered by Germany, Austria , Slovakia and Poland. It is the second richest nation in the eastern European following Slovakia. The capital of Czech Republic is Prague.

Why Study in Czech Republic?

Education system of Czech Republic
Quality of education provided in Czech Republic is widely recognised and especially when it comes to science stream like engineering or medicine. It is considered to be one of the favourite European destinations for studies for overseas education. Czech has some great faculties who held their students to get engaged in educational and cultural programs. More than 45000 international students are studying in Czech Republic. It is one of the most beautiful destinations of Europe.
Employment opportunities
International students studying in Czech republic also gets a chance to get post study work visa for a limited period of time. They can search for jobs after their course is completed which will basically help them to get their student visa converted and extended to work permit. Till the time they also get internships which are generally the paid ones. Studying in such a wonderful country with best of universities also gives students careers an elevation
Lifestyle in Czech Republic
Czech is known to have a highest standard of living among all the soviet bloc nations. Czech republic is one of the beautiful countries in europe having landscapes, gardens, national parks, building , towers, forests etc. It is covered by mountains from all the sides except the south one. Czech has already advanced in education , tourism, aesthetics , entertainment etc.It is the sixth safest nation in the world.The main source of income for Czech is their tourism.
Cost of study
Generally, the fees in Czech Republic universities start at 1000 Euro per semester in English language. The living expenses in Czech republic are somewhere around 3600 to 8500 euro for an year. Cost of study may vary from course to course and university to university. But it is economical If compared to other countries.
Why study in Czech Republic for international students?
Benefits of studying in Czech Republic for international students European countries are always a push to the students career growth and a pleasure to study in such a environment. It is rapidly making its presence in overseas studies by providing best of the facilities especially among Indian students. If you choose to study in Czech then this would be a correct step for your future and professional life.
The worldwide famous and the largest manufacturer of cars in Europe, Skoda Auto, is from Czech Republic.

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