The most popular country of Europe.Berlin the capital of Germany is 9 times bigger than paris. Germany contributes 1.07% to the global population. Germany is a highly developed country and also the second most popular immigration destination following United States. Germany has been the fourth popular country in the world for overseas education for international students.

Why Study in Germany?

German Education System
German universities are the one who offers high quality education and in depth knowledge with speciality in its practical knowledge. Public universities in Germany offers free education to the people who has cleared German language at a particular level. It is globally valued and helps students make their career in big company’s. Teaching quality is very supreme when it comes to Germany. The faculties hired by the universities are also very friendly with the students who make them feel friendly to the environment very early.They also offers very high scholarships to their students.
Employment opportunities
Education from Germany is valued around the world. This leads the careers of the students to a superior prospective. With knowledge and experience received from German education, international students can obtain breakthrough in their profession. After the studies are complete the student can work in organisations or start their own start ups. Many international students have achieved a great success after being graduated from Germany. Students are allowed to stay in Germany after their studies for the additional time of 18 months to receive employment.
Life in Germany
Germany is in the heart of Europe. It is also one of the safest and diverse countries of the world. Germany brings you the quality lifestyle which makes studying in Germany easier and comfortable. People in German are known to be very cooperative and frank. Students doesn’t take much time to get settled in Germany. Their are a lot of job opportunities for international students which will help them to earn for their expenses on their own.
Cost of study in Germany
German colleges are very famous for providing scholarship to their students every year. Tuition fee are also very less in comparison to other countries. No tuition fee policy is also applicable in Public universities. International students also apply for public universities but it totally depends on their profile whether the university will approve it or not.
Why study in Germany for Indian students?
Indian students can experience the dynamics of Europe while being in Germany. Germany is a very developed country and international students gets to see a lot and learn as well from their culture. Germany visa grants access to 26 countries which is also a very important part of studying in Germany. In the holidays time the student can travel to any country for the leisure pleasure.
The X-ray was discovered by a German physicist named W.C. Roentgen in 1895.

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