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Travel Visas are required to gain entry to most countries around the world. For instance, you will need a visa to USA, Canada, England, China, Australia, Middle East, just to name a few of the popular destinations. There are a few certain countries that simply require an available Visa page in your current Passport to be stamped at the airport upon arrival, but in most cases one will need to acquire a Travel Visa before even departing from India. Many international travelers are often not sure of the documentation required to enter foreign country. Visa is an official entry permit to your required destination. We ensure that the documents submitted are up to date & flawless. To avoid any future hassles or last minute issues, clients can rely on our expert guidance and avail Visa Assistance from us as we keep them updated with current changes in terms of documentation, Visa fees and any other additional documents required as declared by the Consulate.
We provide attestation service for almost all types of certificates, with expertise in attestation ranging from personal to educational and commercial certificates. Our services also include Apostille attestation, HRD attestation, attestation to UAE and other countries. The certificates attested by our team are globally accepted. After you sign up with us as followed by the foreign embassy attestation, the approval from the Ministry of Affair is also our responsibility. With each service, we ensure our students are satisfied with the process and then we pursue the certificate attestation.

  • Certificate Authentication
  • State HRD Authentication
  • Educational and Other Documents
  • State Home Department
  • Authentication
  • Embassy Legalisation
Admission can be a challenge for students, as indeed for parents. At DC, we have broken this down into several stages and have thus reduced the students’ stress levels. The student meets with his/her counselor and understands the program, the necessary documents needed for admission and is then guided through drafting the most optimal Recommendation Letters and a strong Statement of Purpose. Each document is scrutinized and only the best results pass muster. Apart from conducting several seminars and talks on finances, DC invites the parents of students to meet with the counselor for one-on-one meetings to understand how much money shall be debited from their accounts over the next few years. More importantly, they will also be guided about the career options their wards shall enjoy and the average salaries that the students will earn over the next 10 years and thus reach an absolute understanding of their financial obligations. Even as we ensure that the students gain admission to the best possible university, we endeavor to maintain contact with them over the years encouraging them to excel in their new homes and become ideal citizens of the world.
Foreign remittance is a transfer of money from a foreign worker to their family or other individuals in their home countries. In many countries, remittance constitutes a significant portion of a nation’s economic growth as measured by gross domestic product. Delphini Consultants offers customized travel services ranging from the elite luxury hotels to Holiday packages, for Domestic as well as International locations. We have team of experienced travel enthusiasts, who create a memorable dream travel plan for our clients. Our travel counselors understand are always up to date with the latest travel industry news. They will gather the desired information from clients to create a tailor made holiday plan that is best suited for individual requirements. The specialty of our process is the hassle free travel experience and provide value for your money. We offer an exclusive experience to every traveler with unmatched services. Through our partners, we offer competitive rates for the customized itineraries making each travel a memorable experience for our guests. The smallest of the details are noted with utmost care to create a successful travel plan.
We will apply to universities for you and get you admitted. We believe in hassle free processes for the students. That is our area of expertise, We will take care of everything for you. We focus on every application if it is paper based online or offline. Inspecting the applications before sending them out to universities is important. The students and our counselors jointly set aside time and concentrate on checking applications before they are submitted to ensure an error free and well-presented application. Students draft their own documents, however it is essential to review the work for improvement.Most universities have their specific requirements necessary for a complete application. Adhering to these guidelines ensures higher success and faster response. We assist with courier dispatch and delivery tracking too.
Our Value added services include services like assisting you with

  • Education Loan
  • Other financial helps
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Apostille
  • Helping Students with applications LOR’s and SOP’s etc through out the way and
  • many more.
We will not only help you get admitted to the university of your choice but we would also get you at ease there.

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