United Kingdom

United Kingdom is a country situated in the west of Europe. It is a developed country and most renowned nations of the world. It is very popular for its education, infrastructure, culture etc. UK is also the first industrialised country. More than 70 million people love in UK. It comes on 21st position in terms of population in the world. Thousands of students travel to UK for studies every year.

Why Study in UK?

Education system of United Kingdom
United Kingdom is also home to many renowned universities of the world. Studying in UK makes a students ready for his future plans.Universities in UK offers a Supreme quality of education which is known in the whole world. Many activities in UK takes place , it can be off campus or even on campus. UK education offers a long list of courses to choose from for the students. Educational qualifications of UK are highly recommended and reliable.
Employment opportunities
he employment opportunities in UK are very broad. The students can work 20hrs per week during the term and permitted to work full time off the term. After their courses are completed they become eligible to work in the country with big companies.As the UK education is accepted worldwide student can work in some other country as well. Recent change in rules has brought to attention that students will now get 2 years of post study work visa.
Life in United Kingdom
Like many other nations UK also hold multiculturalism i.e it welcome students from all around the world. Majority of the students which go to UK are from India,China and other asian countries. UK is often known for its global events like Piccadilly Circus etc.
Cost of study in United Kingdom
India is the second leading country to send their students to study in UK after China. In general, fees in UK range from approximately €4000 – €16,000 per year i.e. about 380000 INR to 1140000 INR. The expected living cost for an individual may range from €6000 to €10000 per year i.e. nearly 5,30,000 INR to 68,0000 INR. Moreover, the major intakes for United Kingdom are in the month of January and September.
Why study in United Kingdom for Indian students?
Indian students are likely to receive scholarships from UK universities depending upon their qualification and academic skills. In United Kingdom, there is large Indian community and many Indian temples as well. As per National Health Service, Indian students pursuing full-time course are granted free medical care access.